About Us
Dudley Miller - Owner

Unlike traditional funeral homes, we at Cremation Services of East Alabama price our services to the public where they can save over $1500 over a traditional funeral home.

Cremation Services Signature Service

From the moment your loved one enters our care, our professional staff is committed to serving with compassion and dignity.

Our Cremation Services of East Alabama Signature Service Includes:

  • Creative planning of meaningful tribute services
  • Coordination with clergy, florists, cemetery, crematory, or other complementary service providers
  • Acquisition and completion of necessary government forms, including death certificates, veterans benefit forms, and other required documents
  • Assistance with insurance and/or U.S Veterans claims
  • DIRECT CREMATION- Includes the removal of the deceased and transportation back to the funeral home. Cremation of the deceased, and a temporary urn to contain the cremated remains.
DURING THE DIRECT CREMATION PROCESS- The decedent is not embalmed therefore a public viewing will not be held.